Sunday, July 12, 2009

Whats too scary?

I was interviewed on National Radio by Gordon Harcourt over the past weekend. Although we moved over a wide range of topics with our discussion he did ask what I thought was the line at which things became too scary for children.

Whats too scary? Its hard to say. What scares one child to nightmares will make another laugh. Children need to know its okay to say stop if they aren't enjoying a story, but we should also always be talking to our children about what they've just heard/read. And helping them understand and process it.

I have been delighted at how children have loved the Were-Nana. I wanted to create a dramatic story with a satisfying resolution. There is a lot to see and think about in this book. There is a lot to relate to. We are all part of families and families can be tricky things. Children have embraced it all and happily enjoyed the ride. Where is the too scary line? All over the place. Being scared is within the full spectrum of feelings and responses. Its good to have a chance to explore this. I got scared over things as a child. I still get scared now. I was scared at the prospect of appearing on National Radio. Fortunately I had some strategies to help me through. Children need these too. A little bit of being afraid can be a good thing. Don't be afraid to be afraid. Good things can come from it.