Friday, October 2, 2009

A new review from Australia

I came across a new review of The Were-Nana today online at bookseller, Austral Ed.

here it is:-

The Were-Nana (Not a Bedtime story) by Melinda Szymanik & Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson pb $16.00Simon loves to scare his little sister Stella Rosa with spooky stories. He manages to convince Stella Rosa that their Nana Lupin who is coming to visit them for the very first time is a were-nana. As Simon describes Nana Lupin his sister conjures up terrifying images of her nana, not so difficult to do since their only photos show her Nana Lupin wearing a dark coat and scarf. The illustrations and text manage to combine the true spookiness of the images in Stella Rosa’s imagination but at the same time there is also humour at Simon’s lurid descriptions. When Nana Lupin arrives at the airport, poor Stella Rosa is terrified but there is a satisfying denouement as Nana Lupin takes off her coat and scarf to reveal an attractive smiling grandmother. Kids will understand how mean Simon is but at the same time will delight in the spookiness of the tale and the way in which Simon looks distinctly apprehensive at the end of the story as Nana Lupin whispers in his ear that she may not be a witch but many of her friends are “and they save their most horrible spells to use on bad brothers! (5 – 9 years)

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